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Everything lost is meant to be found – Lara Croft 


Although it’s a quote from a movie, it cannot be truer.



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Build Your Self-love Again  (2 sessions up)

Do you constantly feel you are not measuring up to people’s standards in your work and life? Does the mirror usually reveal disheartening traits about yourself to you each time you look into it? Engage this Soulcation today and fall in love with the best you again.

Start Slimming from Inside  (4 sessions up)

Do you often change your diet routine habitually or you have spent so much on various exercise programs in a bid to lose weight and you have been perpetually disappointed at your choices? Are you tired of spending money and time to lose weight yet you are not getting the desired results? Then, look no further because this Soulcation is tailored to help you deal with your impulsive eating and give you a very easy and cost-efficient way to achieve very lasting weight loss strategies. The paradigm shift in your mindset about your body and your relationship with food in general will make you happy about your body. 

Bring Back the Passion  (3 sessions)

Are you beginning to feel bored in the company of your friends, family and colleagues? All the activities you once find exciting no longer make sense to you? Try this SOULCATION and we will help you to rekindle the flame of happiness in your daily activities again.

Rediscover your Creative talent  (2 sessions)

Do you feel you have lost your once sharp and handy creative skills? Do you see yourself recycling uninspiring works? Find a way to our SOULCATION and let us help you rediscover that creative you again with relative ease.

Self-believe improvement Sessions  (3 sessions up)

Our SOULCATION is capable of helping you to rediscover the lost excitement in your life by boosting the confidence in your ability to achieve the best in all you do. Find your way to us and discover a new and unique you with all the excitement.

Time to Unwind   (single session)

There should be a time to go somewhere private to unwind and check back on one’s life and see where there are loopholes where you are been robbed of inspirations and happiness. We can help you to return your life to the pedestal of reaching your goals in life through careful guidance. Let’s roll out a new plan for your uninterrupted growth.  


let's dive in, let's go deep




Shirley is a whole lot of things in one; A wellness therapist, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, lifestyle product designer, a writer, a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. A decade of work experience in the luxury world had prepared her for her current role as a healer and life coach. Growing up without love from her parents had made her very angry about her life and she had little self-esteem. She was totally down when later on facing infertility, then losing her pregnancy repeatedly in her mid-30s, which forced her to confront all the trauma, and gave her inspiration to face all her life’s challenges and embarked on a journey to heal.  She engaged in studies and did inner works that finally showed her that the secret of happiness is embedded in all of us. Shirley had been diagnosed with a chronic illness since birth and she got healed about the same time she was discovering a newly refreshed being in herself. Shirley never looked back from that point onward and she dedicated her life to helping and healing others. She is a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Diet, and Nutritional Advisor, Yoga (Hatha, Prenatal, Postnatal, Kid Yoga) Instructor, Prenatal and Postnatal Treatment Therapist, and a Reiki Healer.

(Shirley is based in Hong Kong.  Sessions are conducted primarily through Skype/FaceTime/Whatsapp Video call.)

DISCLAIMER: The coaching sessions should not replace any medical treatments but should be regarded as tools and guidance to help clients to help themselves.